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How professional forex course should be different from others?    


First important thing is a mentor's experience.


Forexyestrader.com, Forexyestrading.com trading school was founded by a trader, after few years of individual and professional work with capital markets. I was starting with shares and currencies as individual trader, finishing as a futures trader in proprietary shop in 2009, soon after that coming back to individual forex trading again (more about me).


The idea of showing Forex Live Chart Trading to public was established few years ago. Before sharing forex website and Technical Analysis courses, I had to had time to bring both - my individual trading, and forex courses, near to practical perfection. It takes a lot of time and effort to become 100% independent thanks to the forex, futures or any other markets, but it is worth it.


Since Two years now, Trading and Travelling for pleasure is my only profession. Besides that, I’m running few websites – sharing very effective forex in practice approach.


At forexyestrading.com, you can actually meet some interesting moments to enter the market in daily analysis study - before they occur at the market. You can watch and learn few ideas of entering the market. The detail information’s about taking those trades - can be met at forex courses.


In order to make things clear: I'm not soliciting or insinuating, encouraging anyone to follow any trades or market ideas at this and any other forex websites. But If You feel that capital markets is part of your future, and you wish to learn fast and effective - that's probably one of the best places in the world to do so.


Forexyestrading is just a great way to study markets at live charts!